Everyday a “Me Day”


What if everyday were a “Me Day,” every week a “Me Week,” every month a “Me Month,” every year a “Me Year” and every moment a “Me Moment?”

What if every single second of life was honored, cherished and respected as a gift from God?

Would I… could I… glorify God as me 24/7?

Honor, cherish and respect ALL of me in all my glory?

Earlier this month I had the opportunity to attend the REVEAL Conference in New York City. Among the numerous inspiring women and encouraging words spoken that day I was particularly moved by a concept shared by Valarie Kaur, a third-generation Sikh American. She explained in the opening panel what it means to be a “Saint Soldier” who lives each day as if it were a work of art – “to live, leap and die in love… for each day is a lifetime.” She also spoke of her process at the end of each day when she sits in reflection before bed and asks herself three questions. What was hard work for me today? What was loving and joyful? What is worthy of my gratitude? “Then,” she said, “I am ready to lay to rest… to die and awake to a new day.”

Besides being absolutely choked up, I was touched by her loving and generous spirit as she shared her personal sacred practice of living her life as the amazing wonderful diamond shining light of God that SHE is. Until that moment I had set aside days, weeks and even months that I’d dedicated to myself as “Me Days.” Since that moment, I have decided that EVERY day is a “Me Day” and yes, every moment a “Me Moment” that I would honor, cherish, respect and experience as all God… as all Good.

At the conference I also made a commitment to reveal myself more each and every day of my life.  As a writer, minister/spiritual teacher and lover of life… I am making a daily demand upon myself to share words of inspiration and wisdom each day right here on my blog. Join me if you are so inspired and please do share your thoughts. Can you, too, live everyday as a “Me Day?” Honor, cherish and respect each moment as a Gift from God? Glorify God as you 24/7? Honor, cherish and respect ALL of you in all your glory? If so, right now, what will you do differently? What is your demand upon the universe (see “Your Wish is My Command“) and what is your demand upon yourself? (See “You…“)

Shawna Marie is an ordained minister and psychotherapist who provides inspiration, education and healing at HealingTruthCenter.com.

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5 Responses to “Everyday a “Me Day””

  1. Tonya Freeman Brown Says:

    I am so glad you are part of my process as you move through yours…I’ve put me behind the scenes and I have paid a heavy cost denying the Goddess in me. Everyday I choose to do ME, and not feel guilty about it. To do me, to know me, to love me, every facet of me…It’s work, but a humbling work of love and compassion, to ME! I love you, Rev. Shawna and continue the ME work!

  2. Beloved Tonya, I can so relate to your words about “putting me behind the scenes… denying the Goddess in me.” I am honored to walk this journey with you, hand in hand as we reveal all that is so holy, perfect and Divine as you, as me. Much love my dear. I am overjoyed to be a witness to your glory. xo’s

  3. My dearest Sister, THIS is right on TIME! So many false appearances have shown up especially in the area of my loved-ones mental and physical health. I interupted My Sabbaticla, My God Ordained Preparation Period, for the new thing He’s doing in my life, to stop and do some care taking. What I realized is that my charge is to continuing to develop in me the best example of “Self-Love” which will produce all that is necessary to override false appearances and manifest dreams…From this moment forward with a strong sense of strength, freedom and joy, I AM facing any f.e.a.r or seeming opposition. I AM DOING ME! To God Be the Glory! Continued Love, Light, Prosperity and Freedom!

    • Beloved Marjorie! I am always inspired by your words and your ministry. You my dear have such an amazing calling and ability to serve. For those of us in ministry and healing, it is critical that we first and foremost demonstrate this abundant self-love of which you speak. I thank you for the reminder and for taking the time to bless this blog. Much love, Shawna Marie

  4. […] 1, 2010 As I shared in Everyday A “Me” Day I have begun to really tune in to the idea of living each day as if it were a lifetime. That means […]

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