“You are the constellations, stellar revelations. You are more than even what your dreams told you that you can be… more than the naked eye can see. Don’t let life’s trials, denials, illusions and delusions be on what your soul gets by. You are the apple of the Universe’s eye. So go ahead and shine. Be more than what you think you are. You’re a superstar.”  – Adina Nyree

I am so blessed to know the artist, philosopher, poet and songstress Adina Nyree. She is most certainly a living, breathing embodiment of the words in her song Superstar (my absolute favorite song from her solo debut album Certified Organic.) Because she allows herself to live her dreams and not be defined by anyone or anything, she reveals herself through the fullness of her artistry – in music, in poems and spoken word, and with inspiring events like Spoken Soul 2nd Thursdays held each month in New York City. May you be inspired by her words this week and also check out my interview with her on my BlogTalkRadio Show: Spirituality in Spoken Word. (Do take a listen to her CD Certified Organic, too!)

Live your dreams dear hearts, whatever they may be. Let there be no limitations to how you express the wonderful Divine Presence that you are. Rise to the greatest and highest expression of you that you can be this day. You are God in action… a living, breathing, radiant diamond shining Light of God. The world and all of your good await you.

Shawna Marie

Shawna Marie is an ordained minister and psychotherapist who provides inspiration, education and healing at

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