You are destined for a great and might work. You are meant to live joyfully, happily, peacefully, harmoniously, prosperously and abundantly. You are a blessing to everyone who knows you. You are blessed and successful in your every undertaking. You are beautiful, loving, loved and creative in your own oh so very special way. You are Divinely Inspired and protected at all times. You cannot fail, suffer or lack. Why? Because you are a Divine daughter/son of God, with all the Presence, Power and Wisdom of God operating in you, as you and for you.

As a daughter/son of the Most High, your path is known and it is all good. In the words of our Beloved Jesus “know ye not that ye are Gods.” And “The Kingdom of heaven is within.” In you is the Power to rule your kingdom. You are the most important person in and ruler of your kingdom… the kingdom of your life and your affairs. Let us not bequeath dominion over our kingdom to the fears, opinions, thoughts or beliefs of “the world.” Instead, let us be ever vigilant that the ruling concepts be from On High and therefore oh so Divine and God/Good.

Lack, debt, dis-ease, confusion, discord, fear, worry, limitation, jealousy and gossip are concepts of “the world” in that man chooses to live with these concepts, looking away from and disbelieving the great Omnipresence of God. While we may walk in the world of man’s limited concepts of God, we are not OF this world of limited concepts. WE ARE OF GOD. And we KNOW this. We say the Lord’s Prayer and the 23rd Psalm in daily recognition and as a steady reminder of this Truth.

Our Father who art in heaven – Creator of all living beings everywhere, our source, our Divine heritage we acknowledge you. Thy Kingdom Come! We affirm the Kingdom of God that we know is Good, Holy and Perfect. Thy Will be done! Not my will, that may be limited or influenced by the concepts of the world (or even fueled by fears, unfulfilled expectations and memories of past hurts), but Your will from On High, that is pure, perfect and good. In Earth as it is in heaven.. is now made manifest and visible to my experience exactly as it is destined and known in the great heavenly realm On High. Give us this day our daily bread. Provide for us right now and always. Deliver us from evil. Protect us and lead us away from these erroneous worldly concepts of any power other than You, ALL GOOD. For Thine is the Kingdom and the Power and the Glory forever and ever! The Lord is your shepherd you shall not want. Surely goodness and mercy shall follow you ALL the days of your life! And so it is!

Beloved ones, IS THERE ANYTHING TOO GREAT FOR YOUR GOD? May the Love and Light of God expand in and around you, perfecting your way today and always. You are a blessing! Go forward with your life purpose to be the very best you that you  can be, knowing that by unfolding and sharing your talents and gifts you are blessing and serving the world.

Are you inspired by this blog? Please support my efforts with a contribution to the Capital Campaign for Healing Truth Center today! Thank you!

Shawna Marie
Author, Prosperity NOW!
Founder, Healing Truth Center


5 Responses to “You…”

  1. Ramona Says:

    Thank you for that inspirational blessing.

  2. Denise Allen Says:

    Great entry Shawna. Hope you’re well and that things are going well with the Healing Truth Center.

    Prosperously yours,
    Denise Allen, Author

    • Shawna Marie Says:

      Greetings Beloved Denise, Thank you for your positive feedback and well wishes. I trust that you, The Money Poems and all that you do are blessed and successful. Much love, Shawna Marie

  3. Shawna Marie Says:

    Greetings Beloved Denise, Thanks for stopping by my blog. Yes, all is well my dear and I trust in full faith that you, The Money Poems, and all of your endeavors are wonderfully blessed and successful. Love, Shawna Marie

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