Expressing at Your Next Level


For as long as I can remember I have had a fascination with water. Its movement, multiple transformations and forms, healing qualities, touch, taste, scent… are all so wonderful to me. I have always felt at home in water and at peace too. At some point in my education process I learned that the body was primarily comprised of water. Perhaps I intuitively felt that connection. And at some point I also learned that water always finds its level, despite the numerous forces at play which may cause tremendous movement. That level can be what may be called a high tide, a low tide or even no tide.

The experience of water seems so very similar to that of living beings. We too have surges, forces, and conditions that act upon us and also from within us. We too express in various forms. We too are influenced by the sun, the moon, gravity and external conditions beyond our control. Our emotional expressions can have the momentum of raging waters or the stillness of a calm lake. Sometimes our expression is reflected as what may be called a high tide when our circumstances are visibly fruitful and abundant. Sometimes our expression is reflected as a low tide, and appear to be scarce in its visible circumstances and conditions. No tide would be the zero point, when it seems as if there is nothing of note to visibly show of ourselves.

Whatever the level of our expression at any given moment, there is good in it. There is God in it, for God/Good is always operating in, as, through, for, with and around us. We can also always go higher, and express at a higher level. For there is good, and there is God in all levels of our expression. The freedom and dominion that we each have is to determine how much more and how much higher can we express all the Good/God of ourselves.

What is your next level of expression? You decide. Only you can answer that question for yourself. And when you do 1. clearly write out your desired level of expression, 2. stay on your growing edge (despite the fears, doubts, emotions and anxieties that may come up for you) 3. remove any dead weight (thoughts, people, places, things, conditions and behaviors that no longer serve the next level of experience that you seek), 4. follow through with specific tasks each day, 5. foster balance by increasing your self awareness and allowing the concept of balance to serve as a guiding principle in all that you do, and 6. surround yourself with people, places, things and conditions that support your next level.

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I salute God as you and send you love,
Shawna Marie
Author, Prosperity NOW!

Shawna Marie is an ordained minister and psychotherapist who provides inspiration, education and healing at

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