Does your current station in life reflect your greatest potential?


Are you working a job that underutilizes your potential or does not express your passion, drive, ability and deepest understanding of your life purpose?

Do your finances allow you to enjoy the level of lifestyle and freedom that you desire?

Do your relationships accurately reflect your capacity to love and be loved?

Does your current station in life reflect your greatest potential?

It seems natural that at different stages in our lives we may experience varied levels of alignment with our potential. This is often the case in our careers. Much of our career path is one of evolution. Our entry into the workforce is usually a small step in the direction towards expressing our potential. Over time we grow within our talents and abilities naturally unfolding transitions in our career. The driving force that propels us forward is the innate desire to fulfill our potential. This process unfolds in our levels of relationships, monetary success, lifestyle, spiritual understanding and health, too. We are constantly growing in our levels of expressing our potential. So how do we manage “in the meantime?” How do we maximize every moment of the journey of unfolding our greatest potential (be it marriage, career success, financial freedom, health and spiritual enlightenment?)

1. Enjoy the step and stage where you are for what it is: a part of the process. Wherever you are on the journey, know that your current position has great value to the overall process. There is good in this moment, in this position just as the third grade experience prepared you for the fourth, fifth and sixth grades in your education process.

2. Maximize this moment by fully offering your talents, skills and attention to the tasks at hand. Do not let this moment pass you by without giving your all to everything you set your hand to do or to be. Utilize the capacity of your talents within the context of your current circumstances. If you are not employed, then you have an increased capacity to invest in your career development. If you are single and seeking a relationship, you have the opportunity to focus your attention upon how you love yourself and others within your existing relationships.

3. Continue to cultivate a sense of expectation around your next level of experience. Remember, where you are now is not a hindrance to unfolding your vision. It is part of the process. There is no reason you cannot tune in to your desires. No one is stopping you from being prayerful and positively expecting a greater unfolding of your vision and life path.

4. Take steps towards bringing your next level of manifestation by connecting with others at higher levels of experience (career, monetary, relational, spiritual, etc.) gathering knowledge and skills around this higher level of experience, and actually proceed with a level of effort in that direction. A nurse who wants to become an author can join a writers group, seek out a writing coach or mentor and start a blog. An individual seeking a marriage relationship can read books and articles about relationships, increase their exposure to couples with successful relationships and engage in a process of self-reflection (on their own or with a psychotherapist) about their thoughts and experiences in relationships. By doing this they increase their ability to understand their relational dynamics. Similarly, someone seeking financial freedom can study and learn about money, credit, and models of financial success.

Beloved, wherever you are in your process of expressing your greatest potential, know that Divine Order is at hand. God is working and there is more good yet to come.

Shawna Marie
Author, Prosperity NOW!

Shawna Marie is an ordained minister and psychotherapist who provides inspiration, education and healing at

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