Cultivating Conviction in Answered Prayer


In prayer we retrain our minds to have FULL faith in the Presence and Power of God at work for our greater good. We train and train and train again until we are convinced that God is the ONLY Presence and Power acting and all is well. More and more we pray, daily, hourly at times until we are convinced in a very specific way for the situation at hand. Or we pray until we are convinced that there is never a situation that can come upon us that God can’t handle. It is our conviction that propels our prayers to be answered.

We KNOW God will see us through. We KNOW that God answers ALL prayers in the best way for all concerned. We KNOW that we are protected, guided to Right Action, born to live happy, healthy, abundant lives.. born to love and be loved at all times. We KNOW that there is not one soul born to suffer. So when we see, hear, or feel any suffering whatsoever WE PRAY!

We pray until we are convinced about God/Good, and it is the activity of prayer that cultivates a greater conviction that the Lord is our shepherd WE SHALL NOT WANT! God has the Divine solution in every situation: employment, career advancement, money and payment for all your bills, loving relationships, justice, victory in court cases, healing of the body and more IF you cultivate your faith and conviction in answered prayers.

Declare: God answers all prayers swiftly and easily therefore I shall NEVER fear, worry, or doubt. I KNOW God/Good is the ONLY Power acting in my life! Amen!

Shawna Marie

Shawna Marie is an ordained minister and psychotherapist who provides inspiration, education and healing at

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One Response to “Cultivating Conviction in Answered Prayer”

  1. Tonya Freeman Brown Says:

    Awesome! You are my mentor!

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