Are your desires aligned with your expectations?


Dearly Beloved,

This week I am focusing on the concept of alignment. Are your desires aligned with your expectations?

For example, if your desire is for a greater level of love relationship, it is important that your expectations are aligned with your desire. If you are expecting relationship drama, difficulties meeting someone for you, or delays in moving to the next level of relationship… then your desire and expectations are not aligned. What will likely happen is what you expect to happen.

This principle is true wether you are seeking a greater level of financial freedom, new employment or a change in your living situation. What you expect is mostly likely to unfold, regardless of how much you say you want a different outcome.

One of the best ways to align your expections with your desires is through prayer (conscious use of thoughts with the intention of expanding our conviction for greater good.) Remember, God/life/the Universe is always active and elastic to our expectations. By dedicating time for reflection and the transformation of our thoughts, we begin to align with the greater potential of our desires. Thoughts begin to emerge like “Yes I can meet a wonderful soulmate! Of course there is a new job for me! Selling this properity is easy! My financial freedom is assured!”

Beyond thinking of greater outcomes, we expect greater outcomes and KNOW they are unfolding. Notice the word KNOW. We conceive, believe, and then KNOW in full faith that a greater good is unfolding, regardless of present circumstances, in order to compel this greater good into expression.

This is a lot to consider, so please do not hesitate to post questions. Most importantly, KNOW that all things are possible and make efforts to continuously align your expectations with your desires. Starting there, your discernment and wise actions will certainly follow.


Shawna Marie


Shawna Marie is an ordained minister and psychotherapist who provides inspiration, education and healing at

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2 Responses to “Are your desires aligned with your expectations?”

  1. Gina Says:

    I KNOW that all things are possible with GOD!!! However, I am asking for prayer in the area of diligence. I have had a lot of chaos and disorder in my life and I am on the road of healing. I need to stay focused and to learn how to recognize divine clarity. Please pray with/for me. With Love, G.

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