Love Is The Answer


Whatever the question or situation I propose that Love Is The Answer. Or, at the very least there is always an opportunity for love to play a role. Perhaps my perspective is such because I have chosen to believe that love is the Law of my life (since God is Love and God is Law; with God as the Law of my life, God as Love IS the Law of my life.)

This is a key belief in my thought life that I continually lean upon: Love is the Law of my life. It helps me remember to live in a spirit of love. Certainly how I love and treat myself serves as a guide for how others are to love and treat me. Therefore it is a priority for me to love myself in increasing ways, abundantly, each and every day of my life. With relationships (intimate, family, professional, etc.) how I love myself is going to show up and play a significant role in those interactions.

With February serving as the host month for Valentine’s Day (and all that we’ve been socialized to do around Valentines Day) I encourage everyone to consider:
1. How much do I love me?
2. Do I truly love and appreciate myself exactly as I am in this moment?
3. Are there additional ways that I can love and appreciate myself?

Remember dear hearts, you are the common denominator in each and every one of your relationships. Are you fully  expressing, sharing and honoring the Divine You in all of them? How about with the relationship with yourself? So often the dialogue about relationships is focused upon what another person is (or is not) doing, saying or thinking. Or, there is a valuation placed upon whether or not a person is in a relationship.

Let’s start within and work our way outwards. Love you! Love you with all your heart, mind and soul! Wether you are single, dating or married… love you! Make a commitment to love you more and more each and every day. The love you have for yourself will help you navigate all of your relationships. Everyone and everything else will simply have to love you too!

Please share your thoughts….

Shawna Marie

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5 Responses to “Love Is The Answer”

  1. Renée Says:

    This is great and much needed. How can we love others without first loving ourselves! It comes perfectly after hearing the second reading at mass this Sunday by Saint Paul to the Corinthians 13:4. Thanks for re-enforcing it! I hear you even out here in France!

    • Renée,
      I so appreciate that you submitted a response to this post about love. I have been giving great consideration to what the Bible says about love. Nice to know I am not alone leaning upon love as the law, and valuing love of self. Peace and blessings my dear.

  2. Rev. Bobby Says:

    Loving one’s self allows that one to love others. The bonus is that you become pretty O.K. with yourself in the process.

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