Good Vibrations


*Excerpt from my book “ONLY GOOD.”

As the glorious spiritual beings that we are, we naturally radiate good vibrations of joy, good cheer, happiness, love, health and Light. And our gift from God, our free will, navigates the myriad opportunities that we have 24/7 to qualify the life sustaining Divine energy of God in us, as us, and for us. We are qualifying our energies and the atmosphere about us, and ultimately our conditions right this second. Let us be conscious in our use of our blessed Divine energy for good, for the betterment of ourselves and for mankind. Take your stand as a vessel of good vibrations. Surrender all that no longer serves your greater good, or the greater good of mankind, be it criticism, judgment, idle curiosity, gossip, fear, confusion, debt, sickness, lack, or addictions of any kind. And pray:

Beloved God, the creator of all living beings everywhere… Almighty Presence in me, as me, and for me… to you be all the glory. In and with thee do I take my stand for all eternity.  Right here and right now, I surrender myself to you for your purification, and the right adjustment in every organ, cell, and molecule in my body, ALL of my energies, ALL of my thoughts, ALL of my emotions, ALL of my actions, All my relationships, and ALL that concerns me. Raise every aspect of my life to your Divine Plan of good for ALL. I AM your holy temple – a living example of Divine Love, Divine Substance, Divine Supply, Divine Order, Divine Obedience, Divine Action, and Divine Grace. Amen.

I love you, I bless you, and I have faith in you!

Shawna Marie

Shawna Marie is an ordained minister and psychotherapist who provides inspiration, education and healing at

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