A Prayer for Haiti


Flag of HaitiGod… God… God… I know that you are here with me, right here with me, right now. I believe with all of my heart that you are everywhere, literally EVERYWHERE, even in the midst of all the devastation that I have seen and heard of in Haiti. Even in the midst of this tremendous loss of life and shelter, and the flood of emotions that I feel in this moment, I trust in your Mighty Hand in action. While I may not see or comprehend it as yet, I do trust that ultimately there is good to come of this. A nation long overdue for healing and transformation… a nation in need of the loving prayers and support of this world… is now at the center of our hearts and minds. With all my heart I surrender. I lean not unto my own understanding. I turn to you in full faith, that God’s will be done… GOOD WILL BE DONE in earth as it is in heaven. I affirm Divine Order, Right Action, Life, Love, Health, Supply, Renewal and Resurrection of Haiti and for every soul that is there. May Haiti arise to the glory it is meant to be, by God, for God, with God and of God! May every soul be uplifted in faith  and wisdom for the greater good of Haiti and for the world. And so it is. Amen.


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