What is your dream?


The Honorable Debi Rose & Reverend Shawna Marie

Last night I attended the Stapleton U.A.M.E. Church 6th Annual “Celebrating the Dream” banquet in honor of the late Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.  in Staten Island, New York. The keynote speaker Dr. Jerald Jones-Woolfolk gave a truly inspiring speech that included her dream for all of us and a simple question: What is your dream? Each honoree then spoke about their motivation to accomplish the “dreams” for which they were now being honored. One after another amazing individual spoke about their faith, perseverence and the loving support of others thas was required. On the eve of the innauguration for the honorable Debi Rose, the first African American elected to City Council from the borough of Staten Island, I was even more inspired to follow my very own dreams, continuing the dreams of Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and now Dr. Jerold Jones-Woolfolk. And I ask, what is your dream?

Shawna Marie

Shawna Marie is an ordained minister and psychotherapist who provides inspiration, education and healing at HealingTruthCenter.com.

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2 Responses to “What is your dream?”

  1. Jerald Jones-Woolfolk Says:

    Shawna it was certainly a pleasure meeting you. You are such a beautiful and intelligent young woman. I have no doubt that you will make your dreams your reality. Dream with me!!!!

    • Jerald, I am so touched that you stopped by my blog. It was an honor to meet you. Thank you for inspiration to continue to dream and to make our dreams our reality. Much love and blessings… Shawna

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