Struggling or feeling overwhelmed?


If by chance you are struggling to remain positive and you are feeling overwhelmed right now, there may not be an inspirational message or motivational  quote that will change your situation. In fact fear, sadness and worry would be absolutely normal and appropriate emotions to have given the circumstances that may be at hand. Even if you are spiritual and even if you have great faith in a Higher Power that will deliver you, it is natural to have emotions about your circumstances. It is normal to have fears and doubts.

It is also important not to deny or repress the feelings so they can actually be processed, addressed and overcome. Denying or avoiding the feelings only bury them from consciousness so they can operate unconsciously. This activity is similar to a computer virus that is operating in the background and goes unnoticed until your computer starts acting up.

Dear hearts, it is a new year and that fact may inspire many of us to be positive and expectant of better days to come. But if you find yourself coming down from the excitement of hopeful expectations of the new year or facing more difficult circumstances than at any other time in your life, consider the blessing in both identifying and releasing those emotions. Yes, this too shall pass. Until that day, let the natural feelings come up and be addressed.

Some great ways to address your feelings:

  • Journal (while letting the emotions come up and pass)
  • Speak to a supportive friend, prayer partner, family member or counselor
  • Spiritual counseling or psychotherapy

Shawna Marie

Shawna Marie is an ordained minister and psychotherapist who provides inspiration, education and healing at

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