Good, Better, BEST!


Sometimes in life we do good.
Sometimes we do better.
Sometimes we are our absolutely best.

Starting this new year I am very mindful of my desire to do good, to do better, and to be my absolute best. In fact I realize the importance of setting a strong foundation for the year by clarifying my beliefs, processing my emotions (from the past as well as those that are developed in the moment) strengthening my faith and making distinct efforts towards continuous improvement.

For those who saw the dialogue today on my facebook page you already know that I have been reflecting upon the value and energies of words – read, spoken and heard. Yes words are powerful in our prayers as well as in our daily round of activity. Hence the reading of negative ideas on my facebook feed from a particular individual inspired me to kindly remove them from my list of friends. I have done the same on my twitter page. The dialogue included my reflections upon genres of music that I have loved and enjoyed most of my life, which often contain lyrics that do not add value to me or to my life. Instead, the lyrical content is often perpetuating negative beliefs about me as a woman, encouraging misogyny and objectification of women, and also spouting denigrating commentary about homosexuals. Another part of the dialogue included thoughts about using curse words or other derogatory words. It seems that there are many areas for potential improvement, and creating an environment that is supportive, validating and also positive.

Why give audience to negativity when we all deserve better?
Why serve as a vessel for negativity when we can all do better?

I simply love myself too much to settle for less than the very blessed in my life – be it people, places, circumstances, music or words. Does that mean that I am distancing myself from people, places, circumstances, music or words that do not add value to my life? Absolutely, for I can still love them where they are, for what they are, while keeping myself out of harms way. By now I have learned that I cannot control anyone but myself and my responses to the circumstances that present in my experience. So yes, I am a work in progress, loving myself enough to enjoy every step of this journey of self-awareness and growth. Sometimes I will do good. Sometimes I will do better. Sometimes (more often than not) I will be my absolute best!

How about you?

Shawna Marie

Shawna Marie is an ordained minister and psychotherapist who provides inspiration, education and healing at

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