5 Steps to Achieve Your Intentions


Step 1 –  Set clear intentions that you are passionate about achieving. Your desire is what serves as motivation at every step.

Step 2 – Commit yourself to taking at least one action per day towards their accomplishment. Actions can include planning, visualization, contemplation and meditation, engaging the support of mentors as well as specific individual tasks that are necessary to complete the vision.

Step 3 – Rally your emotions around the intentions through prayer, affirmative statements and positive self-talk. It is great to regularly remind yourself that “all things are possible,” “nothing is too good to be true,” and “I believe in myself and the fulfillment of my intentions.” Building a momentum of expectation goes hand in hand with motivation.

Step 4 – “Keep the faith” despite obstacles, delays or difficulties. Being positive at the outset is important, but maintaining a positive outlook amidst challenges is exercising your faith.

Step 5 – Celebrate your victories (big and small) until the finish line. The celebrations are especially enjoyable if you can include close friends and supporters of your vision. (While not a specific step, surely you will only share your intentions with others who can lovingly support you and your  aspirations. If you do not feel comfortable sharing, then by all means keep them to yourself and share when the victory is won.)

Well, onward to your victory!

Shawna Marie

Shawna Marie is an ordained minister and psychotherapist who provides inspiration, education and healing at HealingTruthCenter.com.

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7 Responses to “5 Steps to Achieve Your Intentions”

  1. Timothy Boyd Says:

    You are so very awesome!!!

    Much love and respect!!!


  2. Most impactful for me is step Two – committing oneself to at least one action per day toward advancement of the vision.

    Good blog and good luck!

    Jason Docheff
    Career, Resume, School Admissions Consulting

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